Welcome to International Undergraduate Program
in Industrial Engineering, the Department of Industrial Engineering, UII

Do you want to be a global leader?

Do you want to learn knowledge in engineering plus management in Indonesia and overseas experiences simultaneously with an agile and challenging program? 

Do you want to learn about BIG DATA analytics and its implementation in industries?

Do you want to learn DATA SCIENCE?

Do you want to have a double degree bachelor’s degree with the UK in just 3,5 years and, or Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in just five years? 

Do you want to learn about the latest technology implemented in Industries with Industrial 4.0, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, and intelligent systems merged with management? 

Do you want to have an IUP IE’s fully funded international exposure?

Do you want to have English communication skills daily, both written and oral and get confidence in exposing your ideas internationally? 

Do you want to get fully funded international and professional certification such as CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management, Supply Chain, SAP 4/HANA)?

Do you want to engage in classes with international students and lecturers?

Do you want to have international internships and community service experiences?

Do you want to get a wide range of career prospects after graduation, be internationally recognized, and land in a job across the world ? 

By joining the Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering (IE-UII), You will gain complete life experiences for answering the above inquiries.

The Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering (IE-UII) was established in 1982 as Industrial Engineering and Management. Since 2002, the name has changed to Industrial Engineering and remained unchanged. 


  • IE-UII earns the OUTSTANDING accreditation attributed by National Accreditation Board. 
  • IE-UII also gains international certification from the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Standard (AUN-QA).


Today business environment needs agile, proactive, and innovative actions to challenge severe global competition. The Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering Universitas Islam Indonesia (IE-UII) is designed for students to blend cutting-edge technologies with Engineering and Management knowledge. 

Students will learn how to challenge the world by

  1. Creatively and innovatively analyze, design, and improve complex systems as integrated systems of technology, humans, materials, energy, machines, equipment, and environments to make a better world.
  2. Smartly use math and statistics to portray the world to understand hidden insights.
  3. Skillfully utilize information and communication technology and computing power to manage data and information becoming massive today to support data-driven decisions.
  4. Competently use basic science, mathematics, statistics, physics, economics, management, financial engineering, social science, engineering analysis and design methods and principles to identify, evaluate, and predict the results of integrated systems for gaining optimum solutions. 

IE-UII admits national and international students each academic year. The Program has the objective of generating graduates with three main characters

  • Noble Character (Akhlakul Karimaah (Good Manners)),
  • Problem Solver, and 
  • Innovative.

The “Merdeka” Curriculum will elaborate on the characters spelt out as eight learning outcomes (LO).

IE-UII applies 144 credits for completing the Undergraduate Program consisting of 9% University Courses, 21.5% basic science courses, 62.5% industrial courses and 7% supporting courses. Each course could consist of two to four credits and contribute to at least one achievement of a specific learning outcome.

IE-UII has six laboratories as supporting facilities for the student learning process:

  1. Integrated Manufacturing System Laboratory (SIMANTI)
  2. Laboratory of Organization Innovation and Design (IPO)
  3. Laboratory of Industrial Statistics and Optimization (SIPO)
  4. Laboratory of Industrial Simulation Modeling (Delsim)
  5. Laboratory of Working System Design and Ergonomics (DSKE)
  6. Laboratory of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). 

The ERP Laboratory is the first Industrial Engineering laboratory in Indonesia to collaborate with SAP University Alliance Program. One of the ERP international certifications, SAP 4/HANA, will be delivered to eligible students. The ERP skill is one of the highly demanding skills. Before graduation, companies have provided job offers to students. 

In addition to ERP certification, IE-UII students will earn fully funded international certification to strengthen their expertise. 

  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management ) for project management expertise.
  • Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA) for supply chain expertise

IE-UII will also be the catalyst for boosting students’ passions and talents based on the industrial engineering body of knowledge on 

  • works design & measurement
  • operation research & analysis
  • engineering economics and analysis
  • facilities engineering and energy management
  • quality and reliability engineering
  • ergonomics and human factors
  • operations engineering and management
  • supply chain management
  • engineering management
  • safety
  • information engineering
  • design manufacturing engineering
  • product design and development
  • system design and engineering

leading to the following research groups

  • Industrial Operation and Management
  • Engineering and Safety Management
  • System Manufacture and Supply Chain
IE UII Body of Knowledge

IE UII Body of Knowledge

Exciting subjects are always offered, such as

Machine learning and Data Science, Automation, Robotics, Internet of Everything, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Smart Manufacturing, Human-Computer Interactions, Ergonomics, Optimization, Algorithms, Stochastics Modeling, Simulations, Supply Chain Systems, Risk Management, Financial Systems, Business Intelligence, Production and Planning Controls, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Asset Management, Database Management Systems, Information Systems, and Lean Manufacturing.

IE-UII always be responsive to expand the curriculum, enabling technology and decision analytics transformation to solve the immense challenges in the supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, risk management, finance, robotics, energy, and other service industries.

A Wide Range of Industrial Engineering Career Prospects

Do you want to get a wide range of career prospects after graduation and be internationally recognized?

An Industrial Engineering Graduate (IE-UII graduate) will gain internationally recognized highest-demand skills and can work worldwide with the following career prospects:

  • a data scientist,
  • an entrepreneur,
  • a distribution, logistics, and supply chain expert,
  • a project manager
  • an assistant of the project manager
  • an enterprise Integration and Enterprise Resource Planning expert
  • a data mining, Big Data, and Information Systems analyst
  • a digital marketing Specialist
  • an IoT, Smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and intelligent systems specialist
  • a financial and engineering management specialist
  • a civil servant, a state-owned company employee
  • a consultant and professional
  • a Production Analyst,
  • a Product Engineer,
  • a Health Safety and Environment Engineer,
  • a Human Capital Analyst,
  • a Maintenance Engineer,
  • a Quality Engineer,
  • a Marketing and Sales Engineer,
  • a Lean-Manufacturing Excellence Engineer,
  • an Academician
  • and many more

You can work in a broad range of industries and organizations, such as :

  • Processing, manufacturing, and service industries
  • Financial and Insurance Companies
  • Government
  • Oil and gas, energy, mining, and exploration companies
  • Healthcare organizations and companies
  • Information and Communication Technology companies
  • Distribution, logistics, and supply chain companies.

All graduates can work worldwide with confidence.

To gain the dream expertise above, students can make custom study paths by choosing among myriad pathways to graduate :

  • Regular Course Path ( 4 years completion)
  • Acceleration Program (3.5 years completion)
  • Fast track program (Bachelor – post-graduate in 5 years) (https://industrial.uii.ac.id/ip/mobility/double-degree-program/)
    • IE-UII Bachelor + Master of Engineering (UII and University of Glousthersier, UK) 
    • IE-UII Bachelor + Master of Industrial Engineering, UII + National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
    • IE-UII Bachelor + Master of Industrial Engineering, UII + University of Wollongong, Australia (Coming soon)
  • Double degree program 
    • IE UII Bachelor degree (2 years) + University of Glousthersier, UK (2 years)
    • IE UII Bachelor degree + University of Wollongong (coming soon)
  • Business Startup program 
  • Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka Program 
  • Student Exchange and International Credit Transfer program (ICT)

Download the complete description from the Guide Book with the link below :


With a fully/partially funded international outbound mobility program, IE-UII students will engage in the following activities:

  • IE-UII students will experience yearly educational visits overseas, visiting Industries and Universities worldwide. 
  • First-year students will have international leadership training at international university partners engaging with international students.
  • Student Exchange
  • International Credit Transfer (ICT)
  • Cultural Immersions
  • International Community Services
  • International Internship

IE-UII students will earn fully funded international certification to strengthen their expertise. 

  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management ) for project management expertise.
  • Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA) for supply chain expertise
  • SAP 4/HANA certification for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Through IE-UII, students have the opportunity for internship working and performing productivity improvement activities for one, three, or six month internship duration in batik centers, Yamaha Music Indonesia, companies in Vietnam, Endress Hauser in Germany, and other companies that have become partners. Through the program, students will gain working experience, and soft skills and contribute to the community.

Ira Promasanti Rachmadewi, Ir., M.Eng.

International Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering

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