International Program (IP) Department of Industrial Engineering

International Program Undergraduate Prospective students apply through the Office of New Student Admission 2021/2022.  Several types of Admission Programs are offered. Let’s pick one of them to join us for your better future.

  1. International New Student Admission ( see the detail )
  2. Transfer Student From Regular Program to IP IE UII (see the detail )
  3. Computer Based Test (CBT) From Home for  Non – Faculty of Medicine ( see the detail )
  4. Computer Based Test (CBT) at UII campus (see the detail )
  5. Computer Based Test (CBT) at Partner Schools/Universities (see the detail)
  6. Study Report Based Test ( Seleksi Berbasis Rapor / SIBER) (see the detail )
  7. Young Leader Programs (Penelusuran Pemimpin Muda ) ( see the detail)
  8. Hafidz Alquran Programs (Penelusuran Hafidz Al-Qur’an) ( see the detail )
  9. Outstanding Student Scholarship Program (Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi /PSB dengan Beasiswa) ( see the detail )
  10. Outstanding Student Scholarship Program (Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi /PSB dengan Beasiswa) (see the detail )
  11. Outstanding Student Non-Scholarship Program (Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi /PSB Non Beasiswa) (see the detail )
  12. Outstanding Student ” Kartu Indonesia Pintar ”  ( Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi / PSB Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP)) ( see the detail )
  13. New Student Admission with APTISI V Program ( PMB bersama APTISI V) (see the detail )

How to apply

Am I qualified?

The general requirements to be eligible when you:

  1. Are secondary school/senior high school education graduates;
  2. Have achieved excellence results of study; and
  3. Are not holders of any other scholarships or grants (if you apply our scholarship program).

What are the documents to prepare?

Meeting the minimum entry requirements means you are eligible to apply to Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), but it does not guarantee selection. You need to apply online at, fill in the form of each step.

The requirements to be prepared before starting the online application are:

  1. Certified copies of your graduation certificate and academic transcript (if the language is other than English, please kindly provide the translation documents with an official stamp from the translator office);
  2. The colour scan of the first (photo) page of your passport;
  3. Letter of good health*;
  4. Current curriculum vitae/resume;
  5. Statement of purpose;
  6. Language proficiency certificate (English/Indonesian Language)**;
  7. Declaration stating that you will not work on your study visa and you will obey Indonesian law*; and
  8. Passport-sized photos with red background.

* templates can be downloaded at;  ** recommended

Selection process

Step 1: CHOOSE. Choose the study program (3 options) & prepare the required documents

Step 2: APPLY. Sign up at & complete the application and submit (after submission, you will not be able to edit or revise your application)

Step 3: MONITOR. Monitor your application progress. Selected applications will be invited for an interview test. For any queries, you can contact [email protected]

Step 4: INTERVIEW. Attend the interview test as scheduled by the UII team

Step 5: ACCEPT. Receive the letter of admission and declaration of acceptance to be signed and sent to [email protected]. We will send a letter of award for those who are accepted as UII FGLS 2021 holders.

Language requirements

English is the language of instruction when you study at the International Program at UII. Your English proficiency is suggested to meet a minimum requirement which is equivalent to TOEFL score of 500 or IELTS score of 5.

Bahasa Indonesia is the language instruction when you study at a regular study program at UII. You are suggested to take an Indonesian Language for Foreigner/Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) course in Indonesia or in the home country provided by the Embassy of Republic Indonesia. Your Bahasa Indonesia proficiency is recommended to meet a minimum requirement which is equivalent to level 4 (Madya; score of 482 or above) of Test of Indonesian Language Proficiency/Uji Kemahiran Bahasa Indonesia (UKBI). You may find the information of UKBI in the Embassy/Consulate of Republic Indonesia in your home country.

Application link

Prospective international students who wish to study at UII may apply via this link below:


Everyday at Universitas Islam Indonesia, you will find an extensive study space to deepen your knowledge, develop your skills, and fostering new ideas. Gain a full learning experience while studying at UII. You may also choose various degree programs at UII which taught entirely in Bahasa Indonesia, or a specific degree offered at the International Program.

See more information from the following link:


If you are interest to study in regular program, you must have a fluent communication skills using Bahasa Indonesia, both oral and written. UII provides Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) program to help you learn Indonesian language before starting your first semester.

See more information from the following link: