International Mobility

International Program in Industrial Engineering UII (IP IE UII)  always builds international networking to accommodate international experiences.

IP IE UII provides scholarships for international internships, international credit transfer (ICT), student exchange, international education visits.  It is also supported by  UII with more than 100 institutions in more than 10 country partners.

International Mobility Programs for Students

There are international opportunities open to students at any year level. You can choose the program which matches your study and career goal in the future. The types of programs are  categorized as:

  1. Short programs, the programs with the duration of less than one semester such as summer/winter programs, internship program, practical training, short course, competition, international seminar/conference, etc;
  2. International Credit transfer, the duration of this program is one semester or more. This program will require UII and the partner university to have an agreement;
  3. Double degree, the duration of this program can be 1 year up to 2 years.
  4. Double Degree and Fast Track Program. This activity allows students to pursue their study at  UII and International University partners from bachelor and postgraduate programs. It will shortcut the length of the study for achieving a bachelor’s degree from UII (Sarjana Teknik) and Bachelor of Engineering and Master Program only in a short period depending on the schemes. Mostly during 4-5 years, students get both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Program.
  5. International Internship Program.
  6. Cultural Immersion Program.