• Memorizing   Juz 30 of Holly Quran
  • Mentoring
  • Bridging program 1 & 2
  • Student Soft Skill Development (S3D)
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Leadership Training
  • Organizational Involvement
  • Bridge Your Career

Since established, the International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia (IP IE UII) has been committed to nurturing its students with the skills and values necessary to becoming outstanding graduates who excel academically and professionally in their field. This was proven by the graduates’ employment-seeking period that is less than one semester. IP  IE UII graduates have proven themselves as excellent individuals and have gained prestigious positions in the increasingly competitive global workplace.

However, as a program that keeps growing and innovating, IP IE UII should always be able to keep up with the increasing challenges. The current challenges demand that the graduates excel academically and professionally and also have strong personal characteristics. IP IE UII is aware of this need and under a new tagline of “Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders”, IP IE UII has developed a Character Building Program (CBP). This program is designed to equip students not only with the knowledge competence in the subjects they are taking but also the awareness of the five basic characters– academic knowledge, innovative leadership, entrepreneurial talent, competence, and global experiences.

CBP is designed to prepare students to become innovative global leaders with a standard of professional attitude, concern, and noble character that are based on Islamic values. The series of CBP is implemented in phases starting from the first until the seventh semester.

Memorizing Juz 30 of Holly Quran

IP IE Students routinely recite and memorize the Holy Qur’an especially Juz 30. The progress of these activities is well recorded. Before graduation, a student has to memorize selected verses in juz 30. it is a compulsory prerequisite before the Final Undergraduate Thesis Defense.


Students, in a group of 5, learn  akhlaq, aqidah of Islam, and its implementation. At the same time, they learn and understand The Qur’an Holy Qur’an how the meaning and the representation of each ayah to our life.

Bridging Program 1 & 2

Bridging Program (BP) is a course given to IP IE UII students in their first year. This program aims at bridging the gap between high school learning and university learning.  This one-year program prepares freshmen to be active in all classroom forums, to be critical thinkers, to be effective communicators, and to be innovative leaders. Furthermore, BP will equip the students with proficiency in English to complete the academic requirements of the International Program successfully.

Student Soft Skill Development (S3D)

S3D activities are a simulation of process management and organizational leadership that occurs in a company, organization, or society. These three steps of management training focus on simulations of the behavior of individuals and teams in their role in society. This program is designed to improve students’ soft skills including strategic, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. All activities are carried out in the open-air to increase students’ independence teamwork and readiness to meet challenges in university, society, and workplace.

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Leadership Training

IP UII has designed three levels of leadership training. They are basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. For basic training, students are trained for the ability to be aware of themselves, including recognizing their weaknesses and strengths, as well as their ability to manage a life plan for the future. In the intermediate leadership training, students are introduced to the basic principles of leadership ‘scientific charity and charitable knowledge’ (beramal ilmiah, berilmu amaliyah), i.e. a leader who is able to apply knowledge in a real society.

In advance leadership training, students will have the opportunity to interact directly with national leaders to improve their leadership knowledge, values, and skills. In addition, this opportunity will enrich students’ experience and widen their horizons about being leaders of this nation. This last stage of leadership training is expected to be touching yet inspiring.

Organizational Involvement

In addition to scheduled training, CBP also encourages students to be active in organizational activities on and off campus to further explore their own potential and build a network that will be useful for the present and future.

Bridging Your Career

The graduates of International Program Industrial Engineering UII (IP IE UII) usually have at least three alternatives to take for their future career: to work, to continue their study or to establish their own business, but the majority of them choose to work, for multinational company, national/international bank, or government institutions. Whatever career they are going to take, the IP IE UII graduates still need a real picture of what real job hunting is like, how it feels when it comes to the real competition, and how to win the competition. Students, are anxious and need to be motivated, to be inspired, and more importantly, they need models, examples of IP IE UII graduates who have the experience to meet and win harsh of global completion.

This program aims to bridge the gap between the university to the real workplace.  We will invite IP IE UII alumni who are now successful in their workplace and will provide a workshop for producing an effective resume and conducting an effective interview. It is expected that students who are in their 4th semester are more aware of what they need to prepare to reach their dream job.