The Industrial Engineering Program (PSTI) was established in 1982. It has four concentration areas namely Manufacturing System, Operational Research, Industrial Management and Working System Design and Ergonomics. Since 2003, the Industrial Engineering StudyProgram has been accredited by BAN-PT with the rank of A (Best). In order to prepare students in the face of global job market competition, Industrial Engineering Study Program holds regular classes and International Program (IP) using English as the introductory language in the teaching and learning process.

Industrial Engineering Study Program has six laboratories as supporting facilities for student learning process: (1) Integrated Manufacturing System Laboratory (SIMANTI); (2) Laboratory of Organization Innovation and Design (IPO); (3) Laboratory of Industrial Statistics and Optimization (SIPO); (4) Laboratory of Industrial Simulation Modeling (Delsim); (5) Laboratory of Working System Design and Ergonomics (DSKE); and (6) Laboratory of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). The ERP Laboratory is the only Industrial Engineering laboratory in Indonesia that is in collaboration with SAP University Alliance Program. The Curriculum of Industrial Engineering Study Program is designed to generate students who have noble character, able in problem solving and innovative. Industrial Engineering Study Program is committed to teaching, research, community service and Islamic mission. Through PSTI, students have the opportunity to work and perform productivity improvement activities for six months in batik centers, Yamaha Music Indonesia and other companies that have become partners. Through the program, students will gain working experience, soft skills and contribute to the community. Students will also have the opportunity to attend dual degree programs in a university in the Netherlands (Saxion University of Applied Sciences) and obtain scholarships from universities in Taiwan (National Cheng Kung University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology).