IUP IE News: Proudly Graduates Students

International Undergraduate Program Industrial Engineering Islamic University of Indonesia proudly graduates three students from the class of 2019. Sekar Arum Sari, Sri Cempaka, and Rizka Khairika left the university with satisfactory grades. The three were in two graduation periods that took place on January 28 and March 9. The graduation ceremony took place at Prof. Abdul Kahar Muzakkir Auditorium and was led directly by the Rector of UII, Prof. Fathul Wahid, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D..

Sekar Arum Sari, expressed that every student goes through some very challenging obstacles. Therefore, Sekar said, “I also participated in several activities such as Community of International Students (CIS) to gain experience and develop my soft skills.” She also shared some tips to support the smooth running of the lecture, “Try not to skip classes because college is actually your own needs. To build good relationships with your peers, get to know your friends, take advantage of organizations or UKM to channel your interests and hobbies.”

Meanwhile, Sri Cempaka revealed, “Actually, i went through the lectures quite relaxedly because most of the lectures took online class. A few tips from me might be to be smart managing your time studying engineering requires good time management. So that we can divide our time between studying in class, practicum, group work and resting.” she said.

Happy Studying at IUP IE UII

While studying at IUP IE UII, both graduates feel very happy because they get a lot of experience while learning. For example, they go on educational visits every year. “Joining IUP IE UII is very exciting because here there are international mobility activities. So that students can find out the world of work abroad because the program invites students to go there. I went to Turkey and it was really fun.” Sekar said.

Similarly, Sri Cempaka said, “I gained useful knowledge while studying here. Not only theoretically about industry, but also practice such as the knowledge of socializing in the industrial field with people around me.” Additionally, they hope that IUP IE UII will be better in the future, “⁠Hopefully in the future IUP IE UII will continue to develop and maintain the quality it has and can even improve this quality with better facilities as well.” they said.

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