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UII offers an Opportunity to an International Internship program

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UII provides international exposure to students from universities abroad.

International Credit Transfer

This program is offered to give freedom for students to explore their talents

Kampus Merdeka

This program is a breakthrough in Indonesian education systems initiated by  The Ministry of  Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka accommodates the flexibility for students in shaping their future through exploring their talent and passion

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Hot Events

Factory Visit ke Yamaha
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IP IE Educational Visit 2024: Road to Japan

International Undergraduate Program in Industry Engineering (IUP IE) UII once again held its annual agenda, Educational Visit 2024. With the event titled "Road to Japan", Japan became this year's destination, a country which has long been famous…
Factory Visit ke Yamaha
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Educational Visit 2024: Road to Japan

Program Internasional Teknik Industri UII kembali menyelenggarakan agenda tahunan, Educational Visit 2024. Dengan kegiatan bertajuk “Road to Japan”, Jepang menjadi destinasi tahun ini, sebuah negara yang telah lama terkenal dengan inovasi,…
IUP IE Summer Course ProgramIUP IE UII

Becoming an Agile Globar Leader

Do you want to be a global leader?

Do you want to learn knowledge in engineering plus management in Indonesia and overseas experiences simultaneously with an agile and challenging program? 

Do you want to learn about BIG DATA analytics and its implementation in industries?

Do you want to learn DATA SCIENCE?

Do you want to have a double degree bachelor’s degree with the UK in just 3,5 years and, or Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in just five years? 

Do you want to learn about the latest technology implemented in Industries with Industrial 4.0, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, and intelligent systems merged with management? 

Do you want to have an IUP IE’s fully funded international exposure?

Do you want to have English communication skills daily, both written and oral and get confidence in exposing your ideas internationally? 

Do you want to get fully funded international and professional certification such as CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management, Supply Chain, SAP 4/HANA)?

Do you want to engage in classes with international students and lecturers?

Do you want to have international internships and community service experiences?

Do you want to get a wide range of career prospects after graduation and be internationally recognized? 

International Undergraduate Program (IUP) in Industrial Engineering was established in 1999 and offers three concentration areas namely :

  • Industrial Operation and Management
  • Engineering and Safety Management
  • System Manufacture and Supply Chain


  • IE-UII earns the OUTSTANDING accreditation attributed by National Accreditation Board.
  • IE-UII also gains international certification from the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Standard (AUN-QA).

By joining the Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering (IE-UII), You will gain complete life experiences for answering the above inquiries.  

Be a part of us, International Undergraduate Program, The Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Islam Indonesia.

“Be Smart, Be Agile, Be  Global, Be Good, Be Innovative”


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