Open IP IE Scholarship programs


The followings are the shortlisted awardees of the IP IE Scholarship for Virtual Internship programs in Vietnam:

Putri Amalia
Ryan Gerhan Canndrika
Fahrul Asshiddiqi
Muhammad Arif Naufal
Alma Fitria Milania
Sabila Rizki Alifian
Khusnul Qurrota Ain

The students will work at VTI company in Vietnam as the host company (
The internship duration program is 4 weeks started from November 16, 2020, through December 12, 2020.
Each student is going to work on a project within a group that collaborates with other Australian students.
The internship programs will work on AI/IoT/Mobile App/Cloud Computing projects.
An interview with the Host company will be conducted in September 2020.
The schedule of the interview will be announced later.
All awardees must commit to the completion of the internship program.
A Withdrawal in the middle of the program must be avoided.
If it finally occurs, the withdrawal will incur a penalty fee of 3x of the awarded scholarship.
Withdrawal from the program could be conducted by submitting a letter of withdrawal to IP no later than 3 days before the interview.