Internship Journey of UII Industrial Engineering Students at PT YEMI

Magang/ Internship

Two UII Industrial Engineering students have just completed an internship program at PT Yamaha Electronic Manufacturing Indonesia (YEMI), one of the companies that collaborates with UII Industrial Engineering. They are Rona Sutra Dewangga Dyah Utami and Azzahra Tiffany Rachmad. The series of internship programs ended with a monitoring session where students presented the results of their projects in front of mentors, managers, and supervisors.

The internship lasted for 3 months, starting from March 12 – June 12 at PT YEMI located in Pasuruan, East Java. Before starting the internship, they prepared themselves by preparing all the necessary files and looking for as many references as possible. “Since the collaboration with YEMI was the first time, we had to be active in finding references. In addition, we made several activity targets to be achieved during the internship,” said Tiffany.

Magang/ Internship

During their internship, they were involved in various important activities in the company. “It just so happened that my and Tiffany’s last CVs were related to SAP ERP as ERP Lab. assistants, so we were placed in the Production Control Department and Procurement Department. There we had the opportunity to dive directly into all transactions in the company by applying internal systems and SAP,” said Rona. In addition, they were also assigned to look for improvements (kaizen) both technically and non-technically, the results of which they will present at the end of the activity. Rona and Tiffany emphasized that the knowledge they gained during college was very helpful in undergoing internships, especially SCM, ERP, PPIC, and Programming Logic courses.

Despite gaining a lot of valuable experience, they also faced some challenges during their internship. They need to make adjustments to the new environment, especially since Yamaha is known as a company with high discipline. In addition, there are many technical languages that have never been learned in lectures, as well as different implementations from lecture theories to the reality in the field.

Rona feels very grateful to be able to participate in this internship program. “Even though we were placed in the eastern region which was the first batch there, the knowledge gained was really amazing. We can dive into the office according to our passion, it is more challenging, but the experience gained is worth it.” Tiffany added, “In general, everything is good, but there are some things that are unique to YEMI, such as the implementation of 5S, kaizen, corei, and horenso. Also, the working environment at YEMI is very positive. They collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal.”

For other students who are interested in joining the internship program, Rona gave some messages and tips. First, make sure you have a company, passion, and career goal in mind as early as possible. Second, find out as much information as possible about the company offered by the program. Third, prepare all the requirements and files needed. Finally, prepare mentally to be ready if you are placed in a different company. Tiffany added, “prepare your CV well and show your best version during the interview, starting from your attitude and language arrangement in answering questions.”

Through this internship program, Rona and Tiffany not only gained valuable work experience, but were also able to apply academic knowledge in real situations, which will certainly be a valuable provision in their future career journey.

Salwa Nur Rahma