Fauzan short degree program in saxion

It is spring in Europe during Ramadan 1441 H. This year, most of Moslems in Europe fast under the coronavirus lockdown, including Moslems in Netherlands. All the mosques are closed as restriction imposed by that country to curb the active spread of covid-19 virus.
Ramadhan in Netherlands takes 18 to 19 hours, longer if being compared with fasting duration in Indonesia. There, Imsak/Fajr is started at 4 AM, while the Maghrib is verified at 9 PM.
“It is a challenging feeling to have Ramadhan here, due to its longer duration and being apart from parents” said Fauzan Mahdy, one of the students of International Program, Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia. Currently, he is accomplishing the Short Degree Program at Business Engineering, Saxion University, Netherland.
Since officially semi-lockdown was enacted by Netherlands government from February to June 1, 2020 with extension possibility, all schools, universities and offices have been closed. It makes the Moslems have found different condition in celebrating Ramadhan due to social distancing and limitation.
It is further stated by Fauzan “I no longer have class schedule recently, since I am conducting final project for the program. In-campus activities have been closed until June 1, 2020. Yet, for students who still have class sessions, it will be performed by online.”
Published also by UII News