Social Commerce as the New Era of Digital Business

Monthly Webinar 2 tentang Social Commerce oleh Agus Mansur

National Monthly Webinar of Industrial Engineering UII was held for the second time. The event on Friday (7/6) raised the theme “Social Commerce: A New Era For Digital-Based Business and Supply Chain Management Challenges”. The activity took place online via Zoom Meeting and was attended by 92 participants.

Akmal Faiq as the MC opened the afternoon activity by reciting basmalah and reading the program schedule. Then, Didin Dwi Novianto, S.T., M.LSCM, as the moderator gave a little introduction by reading the CVs of the speakers. 

“Social commerce has changed the conventional paradigm of online shopping, people are not only passive consumers but also become part of the sales process by interacting actively,” he said as an opening.

Monthly Webinar Social Commerce

Furthermore, the event entered the main session, which is the delivery of material by Dr. Ir. Agus Mansur, S.T., M.Eng.Sc IPU, Vice Dean for Resources of FTI UII. Social commerce itself has two main keywords, namely social interactions and user contributions. These two things distinguish social commerce from e-commerce. Social media is a platform that can make customers more “close” to the product. This is done through their features, such as comments, reviews, recommendations, and content sharing. In addition, online store features such as “Buy Now” and ads that appear will match the preferences of each customer.

The rise of social commerce certainly has an impact on the supply chain and product distribution. “There could be a lot of interest in social commerce, but not being able to meet the demand will be a boomerang,” he explained. Therefore, there are several things that need to be considered, namely how demand fluctuates from the influence of positive or negative comments on social media and the supply chain must have agile and responsive capabilities.

After the presentation, the moderator led a discussion and Q&A session with the participants. Finally, the event was finalized with a group photo as documentation.

Salwa Nur Rahma